my home

I am re decorating my home or nest as I like to call it.  Finally I am going bohemein!  I always liked unusual decor you might say.  Just think I have a silver large lizard on my ceiling in addition a dragonfly, butterfly, hanging glass orbs.  Hum?  I like!!  Now to purchase two long couches or futons.  But they must be colorful, plus pillows and a special bed for my Ms. Becky (black cat).  Mr. Pixley has a lovely bed…..queen sized….mine!  Anyway I just want to be true to myself and get away from all the “looking good” stuff.  I use to call it basic beige!  Have you ever met basic beige people?  Makes me want to yawn.  I need to purchase two wild colored or patterned large rugs.  I am going to explore lot’s of places and I know I will find just what I want.  This is fun!!!!  Tomorrow my purple hair returns, my music is on, my yard looks lovely and I am one happy person.  Besides it’s Spring!!!!  Change is great  Took me a very long time to find the “real” me.  I know some might not understand.  That’s fine.  I have three paintings in progress and I am so grateful that I never gave up on myself as I wouldn’t have the great pleasure of really living my own life.  This has been my heart’s desire and now it is my reality.  So the sun came out in my life  and I am grateful to be alive!!