Artist Statement and Biography

I have been told that the color of my artwork captures the viewer but the content keeps you there.  It makes sense being that I am an Expressionist painter.  I paint the human condition from many different view points.   I use symbolism and color to get my point across.  Most of all I paint out of want and need.  My studio is a place of solitude.  I am always drawn to portraits, clowns, transformation, spiritual, mystery, the sensual, life and death.  My models are formed solely from my imagination.  In my mind, I see a viewer looking at my art and feeling the image on the canvas.  I want to create a visual experience with my paintings.  It is my way of communicating.

I grew up in a small coastal town in Oregon and started painting at the age of eight.  I always loved the ocean and although I have moved up and down Oregon, I now reside next to the ocean once again and have the great pleasure of teaching art to children.  I am currently the Art Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon.  I have taught adult art classes and collage classes too.  I have supported and encouraged mentally and physically challenged adults and children with a variety of classes that encourage creativity, imagination and tactile skills.

My artwork has been exhibited in  variety of places.  Many exhibitions have been solo and others have been in group endeavors.   I have clientele from Canada and throughout the United States.  My artwork is currently at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon.  I also have paintings in the rental gallery.  I have held speeches for the local art association club and have been the publicity coordinator.


Portland, Oregon Art Guild Watercolor Exhibition

Coos Art Museum Expressions West

Hallie Brown Ford Exhibition, solo show, Roseburg, Oregon

Numerous galleries throughout Oregon