Benefits of a Managed Dedicated Server For Hosted Services


The managed dedicated server makes a sound investment for an internet-based company. Dedicated hosting is suited for the business that desires more capacity, flexibility, security and authority over their operation. This environment enables a business to run more efficiently because the owner has access to an entire server, giving them major advantages over a situation where server space and resources are shared among other users.

Even if the business owner doesn’t possess the skills needed to run the operation, a managed dedicated server offers the benefit of having a provider that handles the technical aspects, freeing them from the responsibility of server administration.

Price Value

It is important to know that dedicated hosting in general is far more expensive than conventional shared hosting. The cost for a dedicated server varies based on a range of factors. For instance, a well known provider is likely to be the most expensive. However, a reputable provider is also more likely to be the most reliable.

The cost also varies depending on the level of management required for your business. You will find that most providers offer various levels of management, with features such as software updates, security, monitoring and technical support. While some of these features come along with the service of the managed dedicated server, others require additional fees. Costs for additional services generally range at anywhere from $25 to over $100 per month.

Despite being more expensive, dedicated hosting offers a great value, as handing the bulk of the administration over to the provider also gives you the option to have enough control to effectively run your business. Because you don’t have to shell out additional funds on technicians to maintain the equipment, this type of hosting can actually save you money over the long run.

Your Choice of Platform

When making the decision to power your business with a dedicated server, you have the final say on the components that will be used with the equipment; this includes the operating system. There are a number of operating systems available from Windows to Linux and other open-source solutions, such as Debian and Fedora.

Having the luxury to choose the platform for a dedicated server means that you can implement a system that you are more familiar with. The benefit here is eluding the learning curve that comes along with having to adjust to a different environment. It also helps you save time and money, as the costs and complexity between Windows and open-source software is significant. Dedicated hosting grants control over platform support as well. Being able to install upgrades and apply patches allows you to ensure stability and exceptional performance.

Better Security

One of the biggest advantages of managed hosting, whether it’s in the shared or dedicated server environment, is that the provider handles most of the security. This includes protecting the system against DDoS attacks and computer crackers.

With authority over software options, you can ensure that your dedicated server is protected with firewalls, anti-malware solutions, intrusion detection systems and encryption software to secure large volumes of data. Furthermore, the company can ensure the security and stability of your business with load balancing, monitoring and disaster recovery systems. Dedicated hosting provides a higher level of physical security, as your critical information will be protected in a data center as opposed to the spare room in your office building.

Finding a Provider

The web hosting business is one of the most competitive industries today. Managed dedicated server providers are abundant, but there are more factors that need to be considered outside of the price. If at all possible, inquire within a company that has been in service with a documented track record. Be sure to check into their uptime, as this refers to the estimated time your website will be up, running and accessible to your visitors. The industry standard these days is 99.9%, but there are a few managed hosts that offer an uptime guarantee of 100%. Although this may be difficult to gauge, you can ascertain a company’s reliability by researching the infrastructure of their data center.

Since managed hosting calls for you to rely heavily on the assistance of someone else, look for a provider that offers 24/7 technical support, preferably via email and phone. If something should go wrong, you should have the confidence of knowing that trained professionals are on standby to make the save.


If you think that a shared host cannot meet the needs of your business, a managed dedicated server is certainly the way to go. Managed hosting gives your business the room it needs to grow, while eliminating the daunting tasks associated with maintaining a dedicated server.